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Dorcas’ Way community outreach is currently acting as a food provider, distributing groceries to families experiencing food insecurity, as well as providing cooked meals for the homeless community. This is executed by hosting monthly drive-through food distributions where we issue approximately 30,000 pounds of food to residents that are in need. Our food access program allows us to effectively document the number of families, children, and individuals served at our food distribution sites and our community food pantry. Based on our documentation, we are feeding up to 700 families, 3,000 individuals and 900 children each month.

In addition to our established food distributions, we are also planning to adopt a summer feeding program where school children will be supplied with healthy snacks to suffice them over the summer break.

In the near future, we hope to implement a number of learning programs to help struggling individuals work toward self-sufficiency and become model citizens. Too often individuals feel stuck in their situation with nowhere to turn. We believe that with the right programs and in the right environment, one can feel empowered to make right decisions that will help them be successful in this challenging world.

“Hunger is not an option”

Food Drop


Dorcas’ way is diligently working on programs to teach individuals to intentionally pull themselves out of darkness and thrive to make the best out of their God-given life.

We will also create a positive impact in the lives of the forgotten, whether you are of the homeless community that needs housing, or you are a prisoner leaving the prison system, and needs a way to transition into society, or a high schooler who needs to find their way.

We will tackle mental health; it is known to be a critical epidemic that has pushed individuals into dark places. We will also introduce vocational training it is also an easy and quick way for individuals to find a job readily. We are here to work with you.


Rosie Cruz Rosie Cruz

My daughters and I love volunteering with Dorcas’ way, because it gives us the opportunity to be an extension of God’s love to those in our community in a tangible and meaningful way.

Jen Redmond Jen Redmond

“Alone we can do so little” Together we can do so much. I was connected with Ms. Marva Kelly through a friend of mine, and I am so grateful for meeting her. She does so much for our community as well as the surrounding communities. To be in her presence just makes you want to help! Dorcas’ way is an amazing organization, that helps so many! It is not only the giving part of this, as it is being a volunteer that gives you so much back.

Deidre Purvis Deidre Purvis

Dorcas’ way is a group of very kind people, who do great things to help the homeless community.

herrerasc Designation

Marva Kelly and her team go out and look to help the most vulnerable in our community. They feed the homeless weekly, hand out needed hygiene kits, arrange regular food drop events, and collaborate with other local non-profits to connect people to services. I am honored to partner with them.Shannon HerreraFind Feed & Restore

DynamicStrategies General Member of the Public 10/14/2022

Dorca's Way does a fantastic job of serving the community by helping families experiencing food insecurity!

Darrell M Volunteer

I'm always so honored and inspired, every opportunity I have to be a part of Dorcas' Way Community. This organization has truly embodied the words Giving Back and Helping others, I'm always surprised and happy to see the amount of quality food that is provided for people and their families. The cohesive and efficient way the team operates in the preparation of serving others is above reproach. As long as possible I will continue to provide my unwavering support for this organization. Well done to Marva and every Dorcas' Way volunteer.

KLHalpin Designation

I became involved with Dorcas' Way two years ago when a group of women from my church began making plastic sleeping mats for the homeless. An acquaintance recommended I contact Marva Kelly at Dorcas' Way and she took over seeing the mats were given to those in need. Since that time, I have helped with the food distribution as well as collection of personal care items and clothing for the needy. Marva is a tireless advocate for the hungry and homeless in our community. It is a pleasure to work with her and members of various churches as well as community organizations to reach the most vulnerable brothers and sisters among us.

Karen Vander Mey Karen Vander Mey

I have been serving with Dorcas Way for 1 1/2 years and it has been a wonderful experience. The leadership and volunteers are positive, respectful and kind to each other as well as to all we have opportunity to serve! We regularly feed the homeless and provide food for for those experiencing poverty and need through larger food distributions. Over 300 families are served fresh produce, meat, and assorted staples at every food distribution. We also recently partnered with the Sheriff's Department in a back to school outreach to the Lake County community. It is always a blessing to serve with Dorcas Way and I look forward to many more years!

Help4marva Help4marva

Dorcas Way helps our community in a number of ways. Food drops on a consistent basis to help those folks that are food insecure is a key effort this nonprofit has provided. Marva Kelly had worked with numerous food banks, Kroger, and partnered with another nonprofit to make the food drops happen. She has creatively gone to enormous lengths to food source to supply these food drops. Additionally , they provide food and necessities to the homeless. I would recommend this organization to donate to and to volunteer for their efforts .

Pammie4571 Pammie4571

Well where do I start. I can not say enough positive things about Marva and her outstanding crew and volunteers. I have participated in her food distributions and her charitable works /events throughout Central Florida. I'm in tears and touched every time I see the amount of food she has accumulated to disperse. She is an angel in disguise. Thank you Marva for all that you do.