Case management

Case management is a collaborative effort and process in which our case managers work with our clients to ensure they obtain the proper healthcare and other resources in the most cost-effective way. Partnering with other organizations and providers is vital to getting the job done. We will create plans, implement the plan created, and follow up with the client to ensure they are on the right path. Lastly, we will evaluate the outcome to see if the process is effectively working. We are here to support and help our neighbors who need our help.

Mental health Counselling

Mental Health includes emotional, psychological and the social well being of an individual. It affects how we feel, think and act. It also determines how we handle stress, how we relate to others, and the choices we make at critical stages of our lives. Many Mental health issues can be addressed through the avenue of counselling. Dorcas’ Way is empathetic to people who are encountering these issues and we believe that one can recover from them. For this reason, we will partner with qualified counselors who will listen, offer a voice of reason, and help clients find realistic solutions to get on a path of Normalcy and peace.