Food Pantry

Our community food pantry mission is to serve our low-income residents who are experiencing food insecurity in South Lake and Sumpter County, specifically in the Mascotte and Stucky areas. We rely heavily on larger food banks to provide fresh fruits, vegetables, canned items, Dairy products, meats, and baked goods to be able to distribute the food directly to families in need. Our objective is to supply our residents with well-balanced nutritious groceries twice per month. This will fee up income that can then be used to pay bills or other expenses. If a family is living below the poverty level, they are most definitely qualified to receive assistance, neighborhood does not determine one’s eligibility. If you are experiencing difficult times, we are here to help!

To receive assistance – Visit our website, fill out the application, bring your identification and proof of address. If you are homeless, you are automatically qualified.

Our food pantry also directly distributes food to families who are in need.

Drive through food distributions

This model started during the covid 19 pandemic, when large numbers of households needed immediate help quickly and safely. At each site we worked with around 50 volunteers and local food banks to facilitate large scale distributions of as much as 25 -30 thousand pounds of food which was placed directly into cars.

We are still hosting these distributions on a quarterly basis and plan to continue as long as people are experiencing food insecurity. Serving our low-income families is an important priority for us

Hunger is Not an Option

Dorcas’ Way food distribution programs strengthen the nutrition safety net by providing USDA food and other nutrition assistance to children, low-income families, emergency feeding programs, the homeless, and the elderly.

As we work tirelessly to fortify our food pantry, through the help of organizations such as Second Harvest, Well of Hope, Farm share, Kroger etc. We at Dorcas’ Way make it our point of duty to suffice our residents with well needed food items, through our food access program. This program is implemented for residents that are in need to readily access food twice per month.

This program also keep track of our recipients, and also allow us to know the impact we are creating. We achieve this by delivering to the shut in or they come to the site to register and receive food. We often times deliver prepared meals to the Homeless community on a weekly basis. Dorcas’ Way also host large drives through food distribution events to make sure food is always on our underserved tables.

We believe that with having a food pantry to serve our area, people are not forced to stretch their salaries in order to purchase food .They can pay their bills as the need for food is already satisfied. We at Dorcas’ Way want you to know that we are always here for our residents at all times. We are involved with the summer feeding program, that enable children that are out of school to be able to access food and snacks, just like they are in school and receiving such help. With Dorcas’ Way “hunger is not an option”.