Youth Mentoring and enrichment programs can deliver crucial support and guidance to young people. An individual that gets direct interaction with a trusted mentor on a 1:1 basis or in a group setting has been proven to generate very positive results. Our mentors will endeavor to model healthy relationship skills and offer real life help to their mentees so that they can achieve their goals and career interests. Mentees will be encouraged to: Go to classes and complete homework, keep their spaces tidy, manage time and money well, be discerning with who to spend time with, be a good example and to respect others.

Measuring our results is very important to determine the strength of our programs. A progress report from a parent or the individual’s performance record will gauge our overall success of the program accessed.

Millions of kids lack supportive, long-term relationships with caring adults. Our goal is to develop caring, consistent and empathetic long-lasting relationships with the mentees entrusted to us. Mentors will be carefully selected as role models, teachers, and advisors.

No Matter what career path a student eventually takes, or whether the student is a middle or high schooler, he or she needs to know the skills life will demand of them – how to manage themselves, how to make good decisions and get along with others. Far too many schools leave these fundamentals out of their curriculum. Still such skills are essential in preparing a child for life beyond the classroom. We will take positive actions and cover useful skills needed to thrive in life.