Dorcas’ way Resource Center

Dorcas’ way Resource Center

This resource center came about when the owner of Dorcas’ way came up close and personal with homeless individuals who live in the woods and on the street. Not having a clear picture of how they are going to fortify their next meal or living situation. This breaks one heart to look into someone’s eyes and see them screaming out for help. Not for just basic necessities help, but mental health help as well.

Seeking a way out of no way. Some of these individuals do not know how to even find a job and keep it, because they have lost all their drive for life itself. Life seems so hard for them to push forward. Many of them drown themselves in drugs because that is what helps them to forget about their circumstances. And that is why Dorcas’ way took it upon themselves to create a way out so that each individual can feel that they are not disposable, there is always hope …

The Dorcas’ way resource center PHASE 1 will provide an array of programs that will get individuals excited about life. We will introduce

 A mental health department: Will have counselors that will pinpoint the mental needs of the recipient. Providing the necessary counseling that they need to find solace in doesn’t matter how simple or how drastic their mental situation is, we will tailor a program specific to the person’s needs, we will tackle the problem, and make sure they are rehabilitated and propelled to a future of hope.

Locker system: Unsheltered homeless and sheltered homeless, complain about losing their credentials, so we will have a safe locker system, that will enable individuals to lock away their important documents.

 Vocational training:   living on the streets for months maybe years, individuals will be given a chance to test and refresh their skills in their area of expertise, or even learn basic skills to at least land them a job. We will offer basic learning such as Spanish to English classes, literacy classes, basic air condition and heating, basic electrical, basic plumbing, landscaping, culinary, woodwork, resume building, etc.

Pantry: Full functioning pantry to supply the need for food in our community and surrounding areas.

Soup Kitchen: Prepared meals to feed the homeless elderly, and those who need a ready meal.

Lost and found program: partnering with an organization that can find the homeless loved ones and reconcile them to their family members

Case management: Each case is unique and special, we will have a case manager to tend and resolve each situation.

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