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A Good Night Sleep

There are many reasons that cause homelessness in individual lives, some of these things are beyond their control. Without funded programs that give them an opportunity to see life as meaningful, we will continue to have the epidemic of homelessness. The main reason why individuals become homeless is the use of drugs, this is an expensive habit, oftentimes they use their rent or mortgage money to suffice their addiction.

 Domestic violence is also one of the reasons that force people out of their homes, sexual abuse, violence within the home can leave people with no choice but to go where they are not suffering infractions. A place of escape maybe is to live on the street. This is very unfortunate.

Dorcas’ way has seen this every day, this is the reason why we create Phase 2 our second needed project. We blatantly want to change people’s lives, we cannot save the world, but we want to do as much to help God’s children. We are creating transition homes to facilitate veterans, Men, and women coming out of prison, the homeless living on the streets, pregnant girls living on the street.  giving them a place to live and to be rehabilitated getting them to a point, where they are self-sufficient and can stand on their own. These homes are not for them to live for the rest of their lives, this will be a program-driven situation where they complete a full life skill program, fully rehabilitated fully skilled, where they will not want to go back to where they were before.

According to a new interactive data tool developed by the Central Florida Commission on Homelessness, over 7,000 people in Orange, Osceola, and Seminole counties have experienced homelessness in the last year.

One-on-one services for those in need include food, medical care, emergency shelter beds, transitional housing, curriculum, sobriety support, and case management. All of this is done in the name of Christ, with the utmost care and stewardship of your gift. As our good Lord mention as you do to the least, you do unto me.

“Transitional housing is conceived of as a step between an emergency crisis shelter and permanent housing.” It is longer-term, more service-intensive, and private than emergency shelters, but stays are limited to three months to three years. It is intended to provide a safe, supportive environment in which residents can overcome trauma, begin to address the issues that led to or kept them homeless, and rebuild their support network.

Dorcas’ Way assists individuals and families during this time of transition by providing food, hygiene items, clothing, resources, hope, love, and respect. Dorcas’ Way aims to meet individual needs by providing essential resources such as blankets and sweaters in the winter or emergency items such as sandwiches, snack bags, or meals.

In our next transition we are exhorting every resources to find and provide shelter and transitional housing for those that are in need to have a roof over their heads. By your support and donation this dream will be a reality for many.